Friday, 16 December 2011

Even Steve has taken up quilting

Here he is making a Christmas gift fir someone special! I did have to help as well as Michel to get it done on time.

Last class for beginner class

This was the final class for the beginner quilting class. Look at what great quilt tops the created. Color and layout make it striking, fresh and modern! Nice job!!!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Beginner quilt class projects

We're in week 4 and the "Turning Twenty" quilt tops are almost finished! They're really excited to get them all together. Check back to see them

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Quilted Bear Retreat @ Harrison Hot Springs

Having a great time with all of the wonderful quilters! Temp out side is -4C this morning and the hot springs are really steamy!
Last one to leave the from the sewing room was Deb at 4:30 this morning.

Sunday, 30 October 2011



Great New Fabrics called Baby Safari from Northcott. Designed for Northcot by Carina Gardner, these oh-so-cute baby fabrics are great for projects for kids of all ages! See the whole range on-line at

Friday, 16 September 2011

Congratulations Bevery Lutman!!

Congratulations to Beverly Lutman who won Best in Show Viewer's Choice Award at this Year's Quilt Walk and Classic Car Show held in Late August. Beverly was presented with a gift basket chock full of quilting patterns, books, and notions. The show was a great success again this year and we would like to thanks all of our volunteer Quilting Bears who did so much to make it happen and help out a great cause. This years Quilt Walk portion of the money raised will be donated to the Delta Hospice in loving memory of Ann Simpson who passed away just before this year's show and was well known and well loved in the local quilting community. You will be greatly missed...

Sunday, 24 July 2011

New Class List Done!

Well, the new class list is done and up on the website ( . We've added some new classes like a traditional Amish favourite called a "Sunset Quilt" which will be made from Batiks, as well as some holiday classes to  make felted wool stockings and a beautiful "Snow Day's" Quilt using fabrics designed by Teresa Kogut for Marcus Fabrics. Check out the whole class list HERE and tell me what you think. Hope you'll sign up for one (or two!).

I think I am most excited about the addition of two new classes though, Sit n' Sew and Beginner Quilting for Men! As a male quilter, I know it can be a little intimidating at first getting involved in a craft dominated by women so I thought why not put together a class just for men! Quilting is a great creative outlet as well as a great stress reliever - both of which more guys need! I hope I get a good turn out for this one, so if you have any men in your life that you think would be interested send them my way!

The second new addition is not really a class at all. It's called Sit n' Sew (aka Stitch n' Bitch) and to begin with will be held on the last Sunday of each month. If it's a success I hope to make it a weekly event every Sunday. If you need a bit of space to lay out your large quilt, or just want to sit and sew your projects surrounded by like minded quilters and have some fun, then drop by. No registration required and no cost, just bring your machines and come on by. I'll even have a Tea n' Treat break provided by a local caterer to get us over the mid-day hump. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Finally! My first blog post

It's been a crazy few months since taking over the store! We had a pre-renovation sale, closed the store to do some much needed renovations, then had a Grand Re-opening and have been going strong ever since. It was awesome to have my mother, Sandy, fly in from Georgia to help me open the store. She practically painted it all by herself!

Since then I've brought in some amazing new fabrics, been sewing and cutting kits like crazy, and introduced some new and exciting classes.

Next month is the annual Quilt Walk and Classic Car Show to get ready for. If you have any quilts you'd like to show off in this years show, please email me or call to register your quilts!